MVR, PSP, & DAC Repair

If you’re a CDL driver having a hard time getting work because of bad scores, contact us today so we can help put you back behind the wheel

Since Congress stepped up transportation regulations in 2010, a bad score on an MVR (Motor Vehicle Report), a PSP (Pre-employment Screening Report), or a DAC (Drive-A-Check) can keep quality drivers from finding a job. Regardless of the situation, the score is what matters to hiring managers.
Sooner or later, almost every professional driver is going to get a citation. And just one or two unfortunate incidents can make it hard to find a job. But we can help drivers being held back by a bad MVR, PSP, or DAC report.
Our experienced team of specialists will review your score and tell you how  to clean up your record. We know the systems these scores are based on, and we have helped thousands of drivers get the second chance they deserve.
If you’ve been sidelined by a bad score, call us so we can help you get back in the game.
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Our MVR Repair Specialists have been analyzing CDL legislation and defending professional drivers for over a decade. Let our team fight for you!

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Our experienced MVR Repair Team has been specializing in CDL law for more than ten years, and has mastered the art of rewriting history. Our analysts and attorneys understand the problems facing drivers, and take great pride in helping truck drivers qualify for and find a better job.