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Nicholas N

I have been driving for 8 years and never had a ticket. I got one back in December in OH for speeding 10 over..they got me a local attorney who went to court and got the charges dismissed. I can not

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Jay W.

I would recommend this company to any driver serious about getting help with a ticket. They helped me in my time of need. The friendly and professional staff went above and beyond my expectations. The local attorney was friendly and

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Roberto E. – Birmingham AL

I was pleased with the outcome, the local attorney CDL Consultant contacted, got this dismissed. I would use this service if I need to, I have your number stored in my cell.

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Chad Flint – Ohio

The outcome of the case was good and we will definitely use your services again.The local  lawyer  got a deferral on the case and community service (40 hrs). The charge was obstruction of traffic in Indiana.

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Barry P – Nashville, TN

The lawyer you had represent me was great and it was the perfect and right choice to call you guys. I’m still in shock. Speeding 95-65 in Nashville TN

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Chris Collins – Lexington KY

Thanks so much for you all’s assistance. I will definitely keep your number for what I don’t want to happen. Thanks Again.

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James Edwards, Marvelle AR

“I just want to tell you, you guys are the best. The attorney you had found for me was great. I wasn’t sure how this would turn out but I am a believer NOW. I am going to tell all

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Patrick Mcgriff – Jasper TN

You did a good job, the local attorney was awesome and I would recommend your services. I got a speeding ticket in Jasper, Tn reduced to 50/45.

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