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When you spend as much time behind the wheel as most truck drivers do, you’re bound to get a ticket or other violation at some point. But you don’t have to let these bumps in the road jeopardize your CDL privileges. CDL Consultant, Inc. has a nationwide network of more than 3,000 CDL attorneys and safety experts who are ready to handle your case and appear in court on your behalf — so you can stay on the road and keep doing your job without the stress and hassle of a court date.

Our CDL lawyers are well versed in DOT, CSA and traffic law, and have made it their business to represent commercial drivers and protect their driving privileges. And they’re exceptional at what they do: One of the highest win ratios in the industry. Cases handled by local attorneys in our national network are either reduced or completely dismissed. That means your CDL privileges remain intact and you can keep on trucking!

What’s more, CDL Consultant, Inc can reduce and mitigate points on your CSA scores, MVRs and PSP reports. It’s our goal to keep all of your records protected, not only your MVR.

No matter where you received your CDL ticket or other moving or non-moving violation, we have highly qualified local attorneys in that area who will represent you and get you the best possible outcome. Call us or use our website to report your ticket or request legal services from our CDL attorneys today.

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