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CSA / Roadside Inspections

CSA weights each of the BASICs safety violations for drivers and carriers based on severity. These severity weight “points” range from 1 to 10 with least serious violations rated a 1. Points get closer to 10 as they get more severe. Note that individual drivers do not receive any kind of “rating”, but their points contribute to their carrier’s CSA score. The same inspection and crash data that make up driver points on the carrier’s rating also show up as part of drivers’ PSP reports.

The measurement for each BASIC depends on
Number. How many violations (or crashes) were there?
Severity. How bad were they?
Recency. How long ago did they happen?

Measures are time weighted, meaning the more recent the violation, the more points the driver and carrier get. Here’s how it works:


For the full listing of points, see the FMCSA’s document on SMS methodology, available at

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