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Non-Moving Violations

What Happens in Non-moving Traffic Violations?

When you commit a non-moving violation, you will receive a ticket. The ticket will give you options for paying the fine for the violation or fighting it in court. In most cases, the costs of such tickets is minimal compared to the larger costs of taking the case to court. If you do take the matter to court, some common defenses include: parking meters did not work, emergency situations that required you to violate the time limitations or mistakes in the traffic violation process.

What are non-moving traffic violations?

Some examples include:

  • parking at an expired meter.
  • parking in a no parking zone.
  • parking in a spot designated for handicapped individuals without a permit.
  • staying too long in a parking area that has a time limit.
  • broken or missing mirrors or,
  • missing a license plate.

How Do Non-Moving Violations Impact Your CDL?

If you are the operator of a commercial moving vehicle (CMV), then you need to be aware that tickets for non-moving violations can impact your Commercial Drivers License (CDL) driving privileges.

What is a Non-Moving Violation?

First of all, it’s important to note that traffic laws vary by state, and you need to be familiar with the laws in the states in which you drive – either personally or professionally.

Any type of traffic ticket that involves a stationary vehicle is considered a non-moving violation. Examples include parking tickets, vehicle violations, and paperwork violations. Traffic violations could be issued on your personal vehicle or while driving a CMV.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Non-Moving Violations?

CDL holders need to maintain spotless driving records. Of course, the severity of the ticket impacts the severity of the response.

Getting a single parking ticket is unlikely to provoke a response. However, getting multiple tickets in a short period of time is often enough to invoke either a suspension of your CDL or a permanent loss of your license.

In some states, only two tickets within a six-month period is enough to garner a suspension. CDL drivers have their driving records reviewed each time they apply for insurance or employment, so it is important to have a clean record. In fact, non-moving violations affect CSA scores. Multiple tickets in a 60-day period, a 120-day period, or a year may trigger additional reviews and lost opportunities.

Other Considerations

Non-moving violations are not the only things that can endanger your ability to drive a commercial vehicle. The commission of a felony, traffic convictions of any kind, red-light violations, and elevated blood alcohol will all negatively impact the operation of a CMV. In some cases, not only will you lose your CDL, but you will also be prevented from ever applying for one again.

The bottom line is, avoid traffic tickets at all costs. A parking fine is not worth losing your livelihood for any period of time.

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