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DOT Violations Even in Ohio, you have the right to challenge the actions
taken by the DOT against your driving privileges.
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Our expert legal team
specializes in helping drivers defend

There are literally hundreds of things that could cause a person to have their Ohio CDL (commercial) or Ohio non-commercial driver’s license suspended, revoked, barred or disqualified. A few of the top notable violations include: Log form and manner, Driver's record of duty status not current, Driver not in possession of medical certificate, Non-English speaking driver, Speeding (6 to 10 mph over posted speed limit), Failing to use a seat belt, Over the 14-hour on-duty limit, Failing to obey traffic control device, False record of duty status, Expired medical examiner's certificate, Operating a vehicle without the required lamps, No/defective lighting, Oil and/or grease leak, Failing to secure brake hose, Operating a commercial motor vehicle without a periodic inspection, No/discharged fire extinguisher, and many many others… In Ohio and other states, It’s your right to defend yourself from violations in court. Call us and we’ll connect you with our network of experienced Ohio based traffic attorneys who know what it takes to protect your driving record in the state of Ohio. ONE OF THE HIGHEST WIN RATIOS IN THE INDUSTRY. WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDED OVER 10,000 VIOLATIONS ! NO MEMBERSHIP FEES NO COURT APPEARANCES



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Moving Violations
We Have Helped Drivers Dismiss:

    Reckless Driving
    Driving Too Fast for Conditions
    Changing Lanes When Unsafe
    Following Too Closely
    Failing to Yield the Right of Way
    Driving Under the Influence (DUI or DWI)
    And much more!

Non-Moving Violations
We Have Helped Drivers Dismiss:

    Not Wearing a Seatbelt
    Failure to Maintain Proof of Insurance
    Failure to Register a Motor Vehicle
    Failure to Properly Display Plates
    Failure to Weigh-In
    And much more!
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