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This page can be use to request services and also to report tickets. Whether you’ve been ticketed for driving too fast, recklessly or texting or other, there are benefits to working with an experienced traffic attorney. It’s important to make sure your license is clean and clear. The more you drive, the higher the probability of getting a traffic ticket. Your license can be revoked and your insurance can significantly increase. It’s your right to defend yourself in an court when violations occur. We have one of the highest win ratios in the industry.

Why CDL Drivers Need to Fight Traffic Tickets

As a professional driver, you need to keep your driving record clean in order to keep your job and livelihood. CDL holders may find that their job opportunities decrease and their insurance goes up if they get speeding tickets or other traffic offenses on their driving record. If your CDL is up for renewal soon, having a recent speeding ticket or other violation puts your renewal at risk.

How to Protect Your CDL If You Get a Ticket

As a commercial driver, your driver’s license is your livelihood. CDL traffic violations are serious, and they put your job in jeopardy. If you end up with a CDL ticket, you need CDL attorneys with a solid legal plan to fight the ticket.

How to Handle CDL Traffic Violations

If you’re facing a CDL traffic violation, it’s a good idea to work with a CDL lawyer. You need to stay safe on the road while also meeting delivery deadlines. CDL Consultants is not a law firm, but we can connect you with trusted CDL lawyers who offer a free consultation. We make it easy for you to find a traffic lawyer for your CDL defense.

Both CDL holders and non-CDL holders can request services from us. Fighting the ticket helps you protect your driving record, job and ability to earn a paycheck. Contact us today for more info, or use the form on this page to report your ticket and get the ball rolling.

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