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moving violation

Moving Violations

Even experienced truck drivers sooner or later get a violation or two.

non moving violation

Non-Moving Violations

When you commit a non-moving violation, you will receive a ticket

dot violations

DOT Violations

Maintaining DOT compliance is important and serious business.

roadside inspections

CSA/Roadside Inspections

BASICs safety violations for drivers and carriers based on severity.

photo tickets

Photo Tickets

Photo traffic tickets station cameras at key traffic areas in cities.

dui dwi


Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

Support Team

avatar-largeCDL Consultant provides services to 26 of the top 100 carriers and hundreds of smaller companies nationwide. We have a team of specialists who provide safety and compliance services to motor carriers and professional drivers. Since we’ve been in business we have overseen over 1.1 billion highway miles of freight movement and guided over 16,000 drivers and contractors.


Terry C.

The Service was excellent, CDL Consultant had a local attorney help me and they did what I expected. I would definitely use the services again. I will send plenty of referrals.

Charles H.

I was given a ticket for off truck route in Alexandria, LA. CDL Consultant found me a local attorney who got the ticket completely dismissed.​


Eric P.

I was given a ticket in PA for being overweight. The fine amount was over $20,000. I called CDL Consultant and they were on the case, they found  a local attorney to represent me. The attorney that they sent me to was wonderful to work with and in the end I saved over $17,000. I thought that I was going to have to quit driving. Thanks.

Gary W.

I was cited for being overweight in Millersville, PA. The total fine amount was $14,383. The staff at CDL Consultant got the attorney to go in and he was able to get the charge dismissed totally. I didn’t have court fines or any other fees. They saved me over $14,000. I am so grateful for the job that they did and will recommend them to all of my trucking friends.

Issac W.

I received a ticket in Alabama for speeding a few months ago. I didn’t get the chance to go to my court date and an Failure to Appear was issued. I immediately called CDL Consultant and asked for help. They found me a local attorney that was  able to go in and effectively defend my case and got the speeding ticket reduced to an equipment violation and the FTA removed. They really worked hard on my case and I really enjoyed working with their attorney.

Cynthia J.

I had a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania and from my first initial contact with CDL Consultants the experience was great. I had lots of communication with Stephanie, she walked me through this step by step. A local PA attorney represented me and he got me a great result, the ticket was dismissed. I would truly recommend this company to everyone.

Gabriel M.

I was cited for an improper lane change with an accident involved down if Florida. CDL Consultant found me a local attorney who was able to keep the points off my license and keep it off of my MVR. It’s almost as if it never happened. The staff was courteous and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend CDL Consultant to anyone who needed to protect their CDL.

Peter A.

Our company received a citation for over $3400 for suspension of registration. CDL Consultant found me a local attorney who was able to go in and get the ticket dismissed. That saved our company alot of money and we are very grateful. Thanks!

Nicholas W.

I have sent several tickets to CDLC. Two are currently being handled and one of them was in Louisana…I paid for representation on the violation but while CDLC was locating a local attorney for me, the DA in the court where I got the ticket sent me an offer to keep it off my record. Since I got a good deal from the DA I no longer needed CDLC’s attorney to fight the violation. I called them and the issued me a refund of my money. I am very happy they are so easy to work with and take care of us drivers.

Michael B.

My CDL license was about to be suspended and my job was going to fire me because of a ticket that I mistakenly paid for in Louisiana. I called CDL Consultant and asked if there was anything that can be done. The staff took my problem seriously and was able to find a local attorney for me that put my  ticket back in court and then the attorney was able to get my ticket reduced to a defective equipment violation. They saved my job and my CDL license.


When you spend as much time behind the wheel as most truck drivers do, you’re bound to get a ticket or other violation at some point. But you don’t have to let these bumps in the road jeopardize your CDL privileges. CDL Consultant, Inc. has a nationwide network of more than 3,000 CDL attorneys and safety experts who are ready to handle your case and appear in court on your behalf — so you can stay on the road and keep doing your job without the stress and hassle of a court date.

Our CDL lawyers are well versed in DOT, CSA and traffic law, and have made it their business to represent commercial drivers and protect their driving privileges. And they’re exceptional at what they do: One of the highest win ratios in the industry. Cases handled by local attorneys in our national network are either reduced or completely dismissed. That means your CDL privileges remain intact and you can keep on trucking!

What’s more, CDL Consultant, Inc can reduce and mitigate points on your CSA scores, MVRs and PSP reports. It’s our goal to keep all of your records protected, not only your MVR.

No matter where you received your CDL ticket or other moving or non-moving violation, we have highly qualified local attorneys in that area who will represent you and get you the best possible outcome. Call us or use our website to report your ticket or request legal services from our CDL attorneys today.

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